Now You Can Strike Back at the Media Liars!

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I try not to reproduce articles found on other sites or blogs too much but i felt this deserved your attention. Its taken from the main British National Party website. I feel we should all follow the advice layed out in the article and make a formal compliant. This is the smell of fear and desperation in the run up to the European elections in June. With the growing support for the British National Party along with the recent fantastic VICTORY in what was presumed to be a safe Labour seat at Swanley. The liblabcon traitors along with their media lackies realise that despite all their lies and attempts to discredit the British National Party the British people have simply had enough and are turning to the BNP as the only credable party offering real solutions.









All people disgusted at the misrepresentation of the BNP in today’s copy of The Independent newspaper must lay an official online complaint with the Press Complaints Commission immediately.

The Independent, which is anything but, has today published an article entitled “Alarm over rise of BNP,” written by that paper’s deputy political editor Nigel Morris. The article itself is as biased as to be expected from that far leftist paper, but the image which has been used to illustrate the article is a deliberate misrepresentation of BNP supporters as some type of skinhead thugs.

The image – which is of supporters of a previously unknown group calling itself the “Nationalist Alliance” – is captioned by The Independent as “BNP supporters out in force in Leeds in 2005.”  The posters which the skinheads are carrying specifically state that they are from the “Nationalist Alliance” and provide a contact telephone number – which does not belong to the BNP.

All this can be seen clearly on the photograph, yet The Independent has still lied blatantly by calling them “BNP supporters.”

The time when these media liars could get away with such criminal acts is now past. 

All readers are urged to immediately lay a formal complaint with the Press Complaints Commission, which can be done online and will only take a minute or two to complete.

The first step is to go the Press Complaints Commission website complaints form, which you can find by clicking here.

Once on that page, fill in your name, address and contact details, so that the PCC can inform you of the progress of your complaint.

You can cut and paste the information you need directly from here into the form:

– In the part asking for Newspaper/magazine, type in: The Independent.

– In the Publication Date space, type in today’s date:  21/02/09.

– For headline, insert the words:    Alarm over rise of BNP.

– The Internet link to the article (cut and paste it from here) is

-For the Attachment Required section, please attach a screenshot of the article in question. You can download a prepared copy of the article by clicking here.

Save that screenshot to your computer, and then attach it to the PCC form using the space/upload facility they provide.

– In the section marked “Please explain how you believe the Code of Practice has been breached. Which specific clause(s) of the Code are you complaining under?” please insert the following comment:

The Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice clause 1 reads as follows:


 i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.”

The image which The Independent has used is of supporters of the “Nationalist Alliance” — as clearly indicated by the posters which the people are carrying.

This group has nothing to do with the BNP, yet The Independent picture caption reads “BNP supporters out in force in Leeds in 2005.”

As the image itself shows no link to the BNP, and shows some sort of skinhead outfit, this is obviously a malicious and wilful deception on the part of the Independent. 

It clearly breaches clause one of the Press Complaints Commission Code. The use of that image is clearly designed to mislead the public by using negative stereotypes from a totally unrelated obscure group to smear the BNP.

An apology and retraction is demanded, along with a censure not to engage in such malicious misrepresentation ever again.


Hang the B–tards

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images43 The so called experts have decided that Peter Sutcliffe the notorious Yorkshire ripper is no longer insane. Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and attempted to kill 7  more across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. He began his sentence in prison but three years later was diagnosed with schizophrenia and transferred to broad moor secure hospital. Even so Sutcliffe was not given an whole life tariff. Sutcliffe is now represented by human rights lawyer Saimo Chahal. His legal team have fought hard recently to have him declared sane and given a release date. These experts advised that if the powers-that-be allowed him to be re-categorised and sent to a medium secure unit, he was at low risk of trying to escape or breaking the rules. Prisoners in medium secure units you are basically being prepared for a new life outside. Okay your saying scum like this will never be released not even by this screwed up government.





Well remember this face because she could be living just down your street. This is Tanya French who along with boyfriend Alan Webster raped a 12 week old baby. Webster was given a life sentence and French was given a disgusting 5yr sentence.

On the 27th nov 2008 French walked free after serving  just 30 months of her sentence. Where is the justice.  Webster was given a life sentence and may spend the rest of his life in prison.




Or could we see the same happening as happened with this lowlife scum here.James Taylor raped a a 13 month baby girl and took pictures while he did it. August 2008 after serving just 40 months he walked free after some so called expert said there was a low risk of him re offending. LOW RISK so the government is admitting that he is a risk but are prepared to take a risk.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Murders and rapists are being set free with no regard for the safety of our communities most vulnerable. The sex offenders register is a joke. There is no control over these monsters  prowling  our streets. Through contacts they have made in prison they become more organised and devious. Often travelling overseas to fulfill their depraved fantasies on innocent children in developing countries. Over 50% of sex offenders have previous convictions yet are released to re offend. Even when convicted the sentences handed down are an insult to the victims. Five years for raping a baby, with remission this is a real sentence of  30 months, Where is the justice what signal doe’s this send out to the vermin lurking on our street corners ? James Taylor was found living with his parents next door to a school. After being released for raping a baby but often we have no idea where these monsters are because the government deems fit to provide them with new identifacations. To protect them being attacked. Protecting our children from these monsters should be governments priority!

In all of the cases above there was no question of any doubt as to the guilt of these monsters. There can be only one penalty for such crimes that is capital punishment. Never mind all the left wing do gooders and psychiatrists who would have us believe these people can be rehabilitated. Society needs protecting and punishment needs to be appropriate to the crime. The British National Party stands alone in it,s manifesto pledge that capital punishment should be made available as an option when there is irrefutable proof of guilt backed up by D.N.A evidence.  


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First victory of the year goes to Paul Golding winning a seat on the Sevenoaks Council in Swanley, Kent,

Paul Golding (BNP) 408
Mike Hogg (Lab) 332
Tony Harry Searles (C) 247

A massive well done to Paul Golding and all the team down in Swanley ! First time standing in what was presumed to be one of the safest labour seats in Kent. Yet again this shows what can be done with ALOT OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. This victory comes at just the right time for us here in Salford. We have our own by election in 4 weeks time and this victory will spur us  on. There were three other elections  last night but i can,t seem to get confirmation of any results at the moment and its time for my bed early start in the morning. I couldn,t go to bed without including this last gem priceles gem. Apparently the ashen-faced Labour team stormed out of the counting hall as soon as they could. Only the Tories, who had been friendly throughout the day, stayed behind to congratulate Councillor Golding on his election victory.


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Some of our cousins across the pond are up in arms about this cartoon in the Newyork Times. They are crying it’s racist depicting Obama as a crazed chimp. What do you think is it racist or just satire? Leave your vote in the comment section please as I haven’t quite figure how to upload a proper poll

Who make’s these rules up

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The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 




19 February 2009 10:30am Add commentsRadical preacher Abu Qatada has been awarded £2,500 cash compensation by European judges who ruled that his detention without trial breached his human rights. On Wednesday Qatada lost the latest round of his UK legal battle to stay in Britain. But 24 hours later he won a separate case in the European Court of Human Rights that his detention under anti-terror laws introduced by the Government after the 2001 attacks on America violated the Human Rights Convention. Ten others detainees under the rules – none named by the court – also received similar modest cash awards. The human rights judges said the amounts were “substantially lower” than awards granted in previous cases of “unlawful detention”. This was “in view of the fact that the detention scheme (the Anti-Terrorism, Crime and Security Act 2001) was devised in the face of a public emergency, and as an attempt to reconcile the need to protect the UK public against terrorism with the obligation not to send the applicants back to countries where they faced a real risk of ill-treatment”. Qatada and the 10 others were rounded up in the wake of a perceived new post-2001 terror threat. But the Human Rights Court said the terms of the detention, even allowing for the special circumstances, violated three provisions of the Human Rights Convention – the right to liberty and security, the right to have the lawfulness of detention decided by a court and the right to compensation for unlawful detention. But the judges rejected a fourth complaint, declaring that the detention of Qatada and the others did not amount to a violation of a Human Rights Convention ban on “torture and inhuman or degrading treatment”. The ruling acknowledged that at the time of the detentions, “there had been a public emergency threatening the life of the nation”. But it said the issue was whether the legal measures adopted by the Government in response were “strictly required by the exigencies of the situation”. The judges said when someone is detained on the basis of “an allegedly reasonable suspicion of unlawful behaviour”, that person must be given an opportunity effectively to challenge the allegations. At the time the Government considered there was an urgent need to protect the UK population from terrorist attack and a strong public interest in obtaining information about al Qaida and its associates, and keeping the sources of such information secret. But balanced against that, went on the judges, was the detainees’ rights to “procedural fairness”.

Hard Times

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The plight of the British worker as never looked so bleak. Unemployment at a record 10year high  the CBI forecasts it will hit 3million before the next election. The one eyed Scottish idiots  promise of British job for British just more LIEbour hot air. In Fact there are no jobs for British workers. Foreign workers are taking more jobs than ever before. They now hold 4million British jobs that’s nearly 14% of  the total !  A figure which could be closer to 18% when you take into account the way this government give away British citizenship to every; ivan,adbul or mohamed  who holds his grubby hand out.  Or the way foreign workers are classed as British because they live in local accommodation. More lies to cover up this governments barefaced betrayal of the British worker.       

We only need to look at the recent oil refinery disputes to see British artisans exculed from  jobs, while they were reserved for Italian workers. Foreign workers flout Britain’s minimum wage of £5.73 an hour by working for as little as £25 a day SLAVE LABOUR !  There’s no way British workers who have mortgages and national insurance to pay can compete with this. British workers are been put on the scrap heap by this traitorous LIEbour Marxist government and  the parasites who run the unions. So the one eyed Scottish idiots hands are tied we are led to believe because of the EU freedom of movement regulations. We are told he is doing his best to get a better deal for British workers.

When will the Lie’s end, the British people need to open their eyes and take a look at some simple facts. Immigrant workers  from outside the EUssr make up 9% of work force. That’s immigrants who have to apply for a work permit or visa from guess who? the one eyed Scottish idiot. Last year Spain announced due to massive unemployment it would be issuing zero work permits for low or unskilled immigrant workers. The one eyed Scottish idiot issued an extra 5000 visa’s, thats 5000 British workers denied employment, Jobs Gordan Brown add direct control over.

British jobs for British workers isn,t ; racist it ,or  selfish,  It is plain and simple common sense. Unemployment is a massive drain on the states finances. British workers in employment not only pay taxes but in turn bolster the economy. Take the foreign workers living on barges 90% of their income will leave the UK  without ever entering the British economy. Immigrant workers send in excess of a £1billion home every year , money that will never return to the British economy. While at the same time having access to free health care and education. Having a British workforce ensures that valuable skills are passed on from generation to generation. To deprive our youth of the skills they require  to compete for  jobs, can only lead to higher unemployment. Higher unemployment as massive social implecations. The famaily unit is placed under more stress, the number of divorces rose drasicly during mass unemployment under Thatcher. Children going through the trauma of their parents divorce often under achieve at school. Arise in crime is always being linked with raising unemployment. British jobs for British workers isn’t just about a pay cheque. Its about self respect , pride, community, British self reliance ,a future or our kids. All the things this government seem to disregard and brush aside. No wonder they won,t fight for British jobs.

British jobs for British workers must mean just that if  we are to come out of this depression in a position to rebuild a sustainable British economy.


Changes to site

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imagescenWell this site is certainly getting attention.  Salford City Council seem to be regular vistors and we have been requested by them to stop using the Salford coat of arms on the blog. So for the time being we will remove the coat of arms but under duress. As I am a resident of Salford and a taxpayer I shall be seeking advice to clarify our situation so if anybody can help us out on this one I would be much obliged.The second request which we have also carried out was the removal of a council workers name as regards who to contact to register for postal voting . If I was of a suspicious nature i would be asking is this the council trying to be obstructive  when it comes to BNP supporters registering for a  postal vote. The name in question is clearly available  in public domain as the person to contact when wishing to register for a  postal vote. As is already stated by the disclaimer on this site, articles are written by members/ supporters of the British National Party expressing their own views and as such are not intended to represent the views of the British National Party