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 The British National Party  fighting for a better future for the people of Salford



2009 is going to be a busy year for Salford bnp with the euro elections on June 4th and party chairman Nick Grifiin standing as the British National Party MEP candidate for the Northwest . Salford BNPs  team of dedicated activists started  the year with all guns blazing . The ranks of Salfords finest were boosted by the addition of  many new faces , due to a well  organised recruitment drive on the Internets social networking groups such as FaceBook & Myspace .  As well as  making sure that every household in Salford is made aware they have an alternative to the continued LibLabCon betrayal in Europe by voting BNP . Salford activists were out in force to  protest against the racist jobs fair held by Manchester City Council .(See feature in the British jobs for British workers page) So its little wonder that it didn,t take long before they got much deserved recognition from further afield , with a feature  on the  much read BNP Chronicle ( see article below . 

na_0731Dedicated Salford BNP

The people of Salford, Manchester, should by now be aware of a strong BNP presence in their district given that the dedicated Salford branch are out weekly, hand delivering the British National Party message, be it rain, snow or shine.

The branch have made great progress and successfully utilised popular social networking sites such as Facebook (click here for BNP Salford Facebook page) in order to reach out to possible new recruits.

One of the Salford BNP activists who got involved by contacting his local branch organiser stated, “We get a positive response from the public”. He added, “Common responses from the people were that ‘It’s about time someone stood up for us’, often asking where have we been all this time!”

This exemplifies the fact that there is support for the British National Party everywhere, we need only get our message across.

This branch hopes to expand even further through the use of modern technology and web campaigns, as well as good old fashioned door to door leafleting, paper sales and frequent meetings.

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2 Responses to “Salford activists get noticed”


    Greeting Comrades!!!

    All the best to British Nationalists in the next European Election on june.

    BNP the only way for a British UK

  2. Well done, Fellas

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