Unite boss refuses to back British workers




 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 


I just had to include this video of unite union boss betraying the very workers he proclaims to represent . Watch this champagne socialist squirm and slither his way out of supporting his own members in their fight to secure  their future and a future for the communities they come from . This can only emphasise how much the unions , along with Liebour have abandoned British workers in favour of their precious European super state . A European super state where boarders are none existent and big business can ship cheap labour around like cattle . The British National Party as always campaigned for priority to be given to the indigenous  workers for British jobs , nothing highlights the need for such a policy as the situation we are faced with at these plants today .


2 Responses to “Unite boss refuses to back British workers”

  1. A Thurrock Patriot Says:

    Good luck you mancs, get out there and give it some.

  2. D. Rowlands Says:

    So he doesn’t want ‘one group of workers pitted against another’ no , he just wants the foreign ones to be allowed in without competition from British workers , as has happened.

    The UNITE leadership are still clinging on to their dead in the water internatiionalism , and they have the guile to say that Britiain will still need immigration – even in the face of mounting unemployment. This shower just can’t give up their ideological strait jacket even when their own membership are in revolt against it. This footage should be enough to make any self respecting British worker tear up their UNITE membership card there and then.

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