‘BNP Proud to be Protectionist’-Nick Griffin




 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 



British workers need protection from foreign labour, not Labour Party arrogance which tells them to leave this country, British National Party Nick Griffin has said.

Reacting to the shocking display of anti-British sentiment expressed by Business Secretary “Lord” Mandelson, who said that the British workers who lost their jobs to foreign workers “should go and work elsewhere in Europe if they were unhappy.”

Mandi as the same arrogance and disregard for the plight of British workers and their communities as thatchers bootboy Norman Tebbit , telling the unemployed  ” on yer bike ” . What would Mandelson care about offending the British electorate , his futures guaranteed via his chums at common purpose , i,m sure there’s a nice cushty job set aside for mandi in his beloved E.U . All at the taxpayers expense of course .

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has condemned the growing wildcat strikes over the use of foreign workers in Britain as “indefensible.” He added that his infamous pledge of “British jobs for British Workers” only meant that “people would be given the skills to compete against other nationalities.”

No more proof was needed of how institutionally anti-British the Labour Party has become, Mr Griffin said.

“To think that a party which had its origins in the British workplace could have morphed into something which actually looks with disdain upon workers is an astonishing sight,” he said.

“For Mr Mandelson to then claim that those who seek to protect British livelihoods are encouraging protectionism and are therefore causing more trouble, is a further indication of how out of touch he and his party have become.”

The BNP is proud, Mr Griffin continued, to be a protectionist party. “British workers need protecting from foreign labour, and British industry needs protecting from foreign imports. British jobs need protecting, and British families need feeding.

“The country has been plunged into a full scale depression precisely because of globalisation and the government’s refusal to protect British interests. We say that protectionism is the only solution, and to this end we pledge ourselves.

“Mr Brown, on the other hand, knows very well that the latest crisis is not caused by a lack of skills, as he tries to claim, but by the fact that companies are simply only offering jobs to foreign workers and specifically excluding British people.”

Mr Griffin said it was also vital to remember that the ability of EU workers to take British jobs away was the direct result of the European Union, into which the Tories had dragged the country.

“Don’t let the lying Tories now try and pretend that they have nothing to do with this disaster. That party was the one who sold off the country’s national assets to their cronies in the name of privatisation, and who first took us into the EU.

“Both Tory and Labour are a malaise on British society for which the only cure is the British National Party,” Mr Griffin concluded


One Response to “‘BNP Proud to be Protectionist’-Nick Griffin”

  1. His name isn’t ‘Lord Mandelson’.

    It’s ‘Lewd Fondlebum’.

    Sorry – couldn’t resist it.

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