Communist traitor expelled



 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 


Just received this from our Salford organiser , make sure you spread the message comrades !

ANDREW GATWARD a probationary member from Lincolnshire has been expelled and proscribed after being conclusively exposed as working with the far left to entrap Party members into extremism and illegality, and for leaking details of BNP events to our opponents. Members should avoid all contact with him and his websites: AFF, Fight Fire with Fire and Infidel Strike Force 19.

This should go with out saying but  Please make sure that your members don’t engage in any threatening, abusive or intimidating behaviour on Internet chat rooms or forums such as Facebook. This includes instances where the ‘target’ is a political opponent. All members should be aware that they should never do anything to bring the Party’s name into disrepute. After all this is exactly what they would like to achieve . With an European election in the near future the Party can well do with out adverse publicity .


4 Responses to “Communist traitor expelled”

  1. Glad they caught him in time. There must be dozens of them spread across branches nationwide.

    I’ve linked your excellent site all ready, and I’ll be reproducing this article.

    The common tactic of these infiltrators seems to be to incite BNP members into taking the law into their own hands, or “direct action”.



  2. Looks like he also goes by the Blogger alias “National Pride”.

    I’ve just blocked him as a follower.

  3. No doubt he will not be working alone, everyone be on there guard, this Government will do absolutely anything to remain in power who i am in no doubt are their paymasters, there is always going to be a useful idiot planted in the BNP because as we know our political opponents are not Democratic, we will remember these traitors WHEN we come to power. Keep up the good work Salford BNP, our time is most definately coming, onwards and upwards.

  4. Eddy O'Sullivan Says:

    Good work John 🙂

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