Snow brought heathrow to a stand still but couldn,t halt BNP Salfords crack leafletting team




 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 


  Even though we had the worst snow in 18 yrs . This still couldn,t dampen the enthusiasm of Salfords dedicated activists to let the people of Salford know that there is a party out there fighting for  British jobs for British workers . Unlike the often vocal and out spoken Hazel Blears Salfords very own representative at trough minster , who throughout  this revolt over British jobs as remained ominously quiet . So much for Hazels sound bites in the media earlier this month of how labour needed to undo the yrs of neglect the British working class have suffered under LIEbour .Just more spin which Salford British National Party promises will come back to haunt her in the same way it has returned to deliever what should be a fatal upper cut to Gordon (the moron) Brown .


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