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There are going to be various petitions emails etc that we will ask you to support as this blog progresses . All  very worth while causes but this one deserves IMMEDIATE ATTENTION !!!  Outlined  below is the despicable way in which the the lowlife vermin in the local council neglect one of Britain’s brave sons , this behavior by council officials makes my blood boil . these jobsworths who arn,t fit to wipe this hero,s backside !  This  group was set up on face book to  support the petition and as got just under 86,000 members in just over a week . Read the  story and follow the link to the petition ,


This group is to support Royal Marine Joe Townsend with the ongoing process of him getting a special adapted bungalow out with his family in Pevensey.

After losing both legs to an anti-tank mine while serving with the 40 Commando based at Helmand Province in Afghanistan, Joe is trying to rebuild his life.

Joe is a strong and determined person who is proud to be in the Marines. He deserved to be a Marine and would always give 110% in anything he did. Despite losing both legs, Joe still remains upbeat and optimistic.

To help Joe become more independent and closer to his family, his grandad decided to build a specially adapted bungalow on his own land to help Joe.The plans for his bungalow, which would have had a treatment room, a bedroom for a carer and an en- suite bathroom, were drawn up for free by an architect who wanted to thank Joe for his sacrifice.

But the council disagreed. A spokesman for Wealden Council said: “The circumstances in this case are not considered sufficient to warrant an exception to the usual restraint policies.” She also said Joe’s bungalow would be “intrusive” and breach planning laws even though no neighbours objected.

With many people already supporting Joe, this group is to get more people on board with the idea and help Joe get the bungalow he deserves 

Folow link  http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/Mne-Townsend/

 Here is the address for the local council along with email for the planning department and the councils website

Wealden District Council
Pine Grove
East Sussex



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