Breaking new ground

 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 
Looks like the  UAF campaign of no platform for the British National Party is starting to fall on deaf ears . The BNP are starting to break through to the mainstream media in all sorts of new area,s  and more importantly to us without the usual slurs to accompany it , Take my first example Simon Darby as made several appearances on Play Radio 

It,s makes a refreshing change for us to be able to address wider audiences without the usual hostility from the presenters top marks to Tommy Boyd . I,m sure you,ll all enjoy the next clip listen to the hysterical response from the deranged lefty nutter when Tommy suggests giving Simon his own show . Yet again i take my hat off to the man for the way he puts this idiot in his place .

Couldn’t,t ask for better publicity for the opposition fascist bullies . Next is a clipping if i didn,t know better could of being taken straight out of the Voice of Freedom the BNPs monthly newspaper . In Fact it is a report from the York Press regarding Bnp activity in the run up to the European and County Council elections in June . You will notice not one reference about the BNP being allegadly racist or a far right wing party , just decent honest reporting WELLDONE to the York Press . This is the sort of coverage we need in fact are beginning  to get. It all helps in the battle to turn those ever so close 2nd places into victories . Times they are certainly changing and not a minute too soon


Follow link for larger copy….

 I will understand if i get flak for printing the next photo . It doe,s make Nick Griffin look like a bumpkin but if we can,t laugh at ourselves occasionally , we need to get a grip ! If it hadn,t being on such a high profile site i probably wouldn,t of given the light of day. This was a poll carried out on the BBC on the BBC Radio 1xtra website and as got to be the most unbiased coverage anywhere by the BBC , please take time to follow the link and see the comments that were posted. Remember this is a site aimed at today’s youth and place an emphasis on black music . The comments posted just show how effectively the message is reaching the public and just how well received it is




Up to one in four people say they’re thinking of giving their vote to the British National Party according to research. Is it about race or rage? 
The Joseph Rowntree Reform Trust says it’s because people are disappointed with the main political parties and the BNP’s captialising on it.
See the replies here

Jobs, housing and immigration were the main reasons people said they’d consider supporting the far-right group.

Critics say the BNP are just racists but the party says that it’s standing up for the British community. What do you think?













Help me out here i,m fairly new to this , was i wrong to print the pic ?


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