Looking good for Nick Griffin in June




 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 


A massive pat on the back to Rosa Gauci and the entire British National Party team in Hyde. 

BNP 889
Tories 485
LD 172
Green 69

2008 Election

Lab 1,124
BNP 846
Con 732
LibD 376

 When we step back and look at the cross party alliance allied with the media the uaf  circus and even the local clergy getting involved. All for one purpose not to win an election but to STOP the British National Party from representing the British people of  Hyde. It makes you wonder what are they so afraid of. Maybe it’s the fact that a British National Party councillor would break  the liblabcon monopoly and council secrecy, to show just where the tax payers money is been squandered .

So in the eyes of our  enemies  they may believe they defeated the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY but at what cost ? The Lib Dems sacrificed over 50% of their vote the Tories surrendered 29% of their vote on the alter of multiculturalism. How long do you think this sort of collaboration is going to continue for. It’s all well and good in a local by election but come the big time the greedy hogs from trough minster will be back at each others throats. They all want those MP’s wage’s and expenses in their own pockets. No Party is going to  sacrifice vote’s in this manner for very long !

It just goes to show what dedication and team spirit they have in Hyde. Faced with what as being described by some as the most concentrated  anti bnp campaign in a local by election. The activists produced an extremely professional and effective campaign . WELLDONE you should all be very proud of yourselves. With our own by election due on 16 March we can only be encouraged by the way your efforts managed not only to increase the   BNP vote by 2% but totally annihilated the Tory and lib dem vote but made  an absolute laughing stock out of the ukip pretenders.

So all in all a good omen for Nick Griffin’s European campaign. The ukip dismissed as a shambles . A 2% increase in the BNP vote and a campaign team that is getting stronger more professional and more efficient with every campaign we fight.


3 Responses to “Looking good for Nick Griffin in June”

  1. Brilliant result, congrats to all involved there!

  2. bnpsalford Says:

    Thanks for supporting this blog and linking back too us. We would appreciate it if ur other vistors where ever possible would do the same, we,re only a young site and need the traffic . Good sign for Nicks chancesof getting into europe that one

  3. D. Rowlands Says:

    I hope the BNP will get behind some local issues in the by-election – the allocation of social housing to immigrants and combatting anti-social behaviour are big Salford concerns. The party may benenfit from campaigning on how the larger national political issues can start to be addressed and changed at local level by building a nationalist base within local government to challenge Labour and the Tories in local and then national government .

    There will inevitably be smear leaflets this time around,but clear statements from the BNP on elelction leaflets stating that we are opposed to dictatorship will knock the stuffing out of the usual ‘fascist’ smears.

    At least The Salford Advertiser has so far appeared to be fair on the BNP – unlike it’s parent paper the Manchester Evening News and its sister,The Tameside Advetiser.

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