By Election-Pendlebury




 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 

Since the announcement of the Pendlebury by election we have being receiving more visitors to the site direct from search engine’s, possibly voters eager to research British National Party policies . So to make it easier for visitors to find all relevant information concerning the by election we are going to have a page solely for the election called PENDLEBURY BY ELECTION (original eh) The page will contain Bnp policy, statements from  Wayne Taylor the Bnp candidate, updates on all the latest news from all the parties involved. With a question and answer facility, for Wayne Taylor you can leave your questions for and receive a response within hours. If the recent display by the UAF in the Hyde by election are anything to go by we expect a very active campaign full of unfounded Lie’s and smears. The hate behind this UAF campaign will be explained on the page. The page should be up and running not later than Sunday Evening. Which leads me on to say well done to two outstanding blogs the Green Arrow and The Battle for Britain in  bringing search lies to the attention of the Metropolitan Police.

 This morning, the Metropolitan Police have been requested to make a criminal investigation into the activities of several charities either registered or associated with the Gable family business, better known as Searchlight.       The three charities that have been mentioned are the Searchlight Educational Trust(SET), the Community Security Trust and the Philip Green Memorial Trust.
The request for an investigation has been brought about by the publication on the internet of information regarding the operations and funding of Searchlight. Home of the Green Arrow along with Battle for Britain were the first to make the information available on the internet


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