Complete and utter _ANKERS


 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 

 Earlier in the week  we had the one eyed Scottish idiot telling us that the government could,t  act to safe guard British jobs. That is  unless you are lucky enough to have a position in the Royal Bank,of Scotland, Northern Rock, Barclays or one of the other banks Gordan Brown decided to bail out. At a cost of £110 billion that’s £3500 each .

So unlike the rest of us these incompetent   -ankers can rest assured their jobs are secure. Then to had insult to injury these audacious  -ankers have decided their top executives deserve big fat bonus’s, a staggering £4 billion as been ear marked solely for paying bonus’s. In their defence they tell us we need to pay these bonus’s otherwise the top executives will leave. Well if  I was the boss they would be down the job centre as we speak because if they were that good we wouldn,t be in this mess. It’s about time they woke up to the real world and realised that the bonus of  having such high paying jobs in the first place was the job security and pension that goes with it! That’s something the rest of us in the real world can,t bank on. Even the worlds proclaimed  savior President Obama is saying  -anking bosses wage’s should be capped at $500.000 German banks have deferred payments of bonus’s. No one else will reward  these under achiever’s don’t insult our intelligence ! The one eyed idiot and Mandelson have made the compulsory noises of concern, but we can expect little real action from the gruesome two some. 

My suggestion would be that we already have one fully nationalised bank Northern Rock. This bank even though it has billions of taxpayers money refuses to pass the the benifits onto the public and small business. Its time the management of the bank was taken over by the government and run as a national  bank working  to help the economy and British people ! Instead of pumping further billions into the likes of RBS which seems to be on the horizon.

 The government with the billions it saves by not bailing out every failing banker that hold holds out his greedy fat hands, should be investing  in Britains future by buying back essential services from foreign ownership. Thus putting an end to the inflated prices British people pay for these services. The net profit from these industries would then provide much needed revenue for our flagging economy. Or to finance the re nationalisation of  the rail service which the taxpayer subsides with  millions every year. Nationalised industries failed in the past because of gross  mismanagement and marxist led unions with their closed shop policy. These are viable profit making businesses in the private sector and there’s no reason why they can,t  be same under government ownership


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