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With the Pendlebury  by election  scheduled for March 16th just a quick note for any visitors eligible to vote in the by election of their right to a postal vote  


What is postal voting?

If you are unable to vote in person you can apply for a postal vote. You may wish to use a postal vote for a number of reasons. If your work or study regularly takes you away from home; because you will be on holiday on polling day; because you are in poor health; or simply because it is more convenient for you. You can apply for a postal vote at any time of the year, you do not have to wait until the election.

How do I apply for a postal vote?

If you would like to vote by post, you can contact the elections office and we will post you an application form,or you can download it below. A separate form is required for each person applying for a postal vote.
The document must be printed single-sided and with no scaling (i.e. original size not ‘fit to paper’ or ‘shrink large pages’).

Once completed and signed, please return your form(s) to the Elections Office, Salford Civic Centre, Chorley Road, Swinton, Salford, M27 5DA.

Please note we are unable to process forms electronically because a signature is required for legal purposes

If you do not have a postal vote and would like to vote by post at election time your application must be received by the elections office no later than 11 working days prior to the election date

Who to contact

Elections Office
Salford Civic Centre
Chorley Road
M27 5DA 
0161-793 3195 

This also applies to the European elections in June. I would urge all BNP activists to use this as an option when canvassing friends neighbors relatives, in fact we should be informing everyone we speak to of  this option. It just makes it so much easier than a trek to a polling station. I believe we often neglect this powerful electoral tool.


One Response to “Postal Voting”

  1. philip skippon Says:

    Postal voting is easy and more convenient for many people but be wary the labour party have been caught rigging in the past.I would suggest it would be easier to rig the poll by post.

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