Bet you a pound to a penny

 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 

 Brave words i hear you say but wait until you hear the deal . This happens approximately every 3 or 4 yrs . The unelected bureaucrats in Brussels have put forward proposals to protect animals facing slaughter from any unnecessary pain suffering and cruelty. The proposal as always states ” all animals facing slaughter would have to be electrically stunned beforehand “  This is in response to a campaign by the RSPCA  and a number of other groups to ban ritual slaughter, the British National Party as campaigned for an end to this barbaric prat ice for many years. The FAWC  a independent  advisory group to the government on animal welfare have repeatedly called on the government to ban ritual slaughter. The group as carried out numerous studies and states animals slaughtered using either the halal or kosher methods experience drastically higher levels of pain suffering and distress. For those of you who don,t already know both halal and kosher demand that the animal be alive  before some barbarian with a big knife says a blessing and  cuts the animals throat. Leaving the animal to bleed to death slowly animals slaughtered this way can live for up to 2mins often thrashing about on the  floor before death.  Sic kingly barbaric and it as no place in civilised society.

So here’s my bet pound to every penny says it doesn,t get enforced in the UK , or Europe for that matter but i,ll limit my bet to the UK. Here’s why i,m so confident. Firstly our dhimmi leaders have earlier this year authorised another 5000  barbarian halal throat slices to come to our shores. There is no way the 1 eyed idiot would alienate what remains of the desperately needed muslim vote. The large and powerful Jewish lobby would never allow this to happen. As well as all this there’s the continued establishment backed Islamification of Britain. Many of our schools already serve exclusively halal meals without our knowledge ( check and see what your children are eating) many hospitals and prisons  no longer offer a halal option but serve only halal meat even British soldiers are having bully beef replaced with halal alternatives. (upgrading body armour may of being a better investment) Even big business is in on the act (read our page subway off the menu) The giant food chain nestle have started converting their plants to halal Kellogg’s is another group who back halal. Two of the largest supermarkets in the UK asda and tesco both stock halal meat. At the moment there is no legislation  in the UK that specifies meat should be identified as being halal so we don,t even know whether we are financing this cruel barbaric practice. I reckon my bets a good one!

So with the European elections round the corner why don,t you get in touch with your MEP to find out his position on this barbaric practice. Let him know that if he supports ritual slaughter  you will be forced to vote for a party that doe’s care about animal welfare . Pointing out the fact the only party campaigning for a end to this practice is the British National Party. If  like  myself  your an animal lover i hope you do the same as me and refuse to shop at or buy from companies who support ritual slaughter. Over the coming weeks we shall compile a more comprehensive list of companies who couldn,t give a damn about what happens to defenseless animals or give a toss about your feelings about being force fed halal or kosher meat. 

One last important point all bets must be in sterling , i won,t except dollars,rupees, goats, or that other rubbish the euro.


One Response to “Bet you a pound to a penny”

  1. D. Rowlands Says:

    I hope that the BNP campaigns on this issue in the Euro elections – it needs to be in the election leaflet. Many meat eaters -not just vegatarians like myself – are disgusted by ritual slaughter. Religions can and have turned away from barbaric practices so why not this one too.

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