Please don’t attack us, UK pleads to Pakistani terrorists

 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 

 The  British people have their pride honour and dignity dragged through the gutter by the dhimmi Gordan Brown in his latest capitulation to the Islamist hordes. Starting on Monday at a cost of £400.000  the British government are too run  a number of adverts in Pakistan.

When will the lessons of history be heeded appeasement to  the Hitler achieved nothing apart from making him more confident and determined. There is no surer way of  swelling the ranks of the islamists than this spineless grovelling ! Showing fear and weakness to terrorists will only heighten the zeal of those who are plotting to do us harm.

What an insult to the character of the British people. Who stood alone against and refused to be subdued by the Nazis massed against us in 1940. The same British people who defeated the IRA because they refused to give in to terrorists and again after 7/7  that great British spirit of no surrender was seen to be alive and as strong as ever. Determined not to be defeated by evil whether that be Nazis in 1940 or the Muslim supremacists of the 21st century. Britain needs leadership with a back bone willing to take decisions to combat the threat against its people [posed by terrorists both at home and abroad. NOT A ONE EYED COWARD . 

 Please take a quick look at our new page Lambs to the SLAUGHTER .


3 Responses to “Please don’t attack us, UK pleads to Pakistani terrorists”

  1. D. Rowlands Says:

    This should be an enlightening exercise for Britons as well as Pakistanis. It must be very reassuring for the muslims in Pakistan to learn that the process of their gradual colonisation of the U.K and the spread of islam is well under way -and with the full support of the ‘British’ government to boot!

    Of course, if we didn’t have millions of followers of this alien creed in our land then Britiain wouldn’t have an islamist terrorist threat. Britons should fear the demographic time bomb of the muslim birth rate as much, if not more, than jihadist terror attacks.

  2. philip skippon Says:

    pathetic! our government makes us the British people look so weak.Britain the once proud nation.I saw a video yesterday of brown wishing the Muslim’s a happy Ramadan and thanking them for contributing so much to our society!ha what a joke,it makes me feel physically sick.

  3. Good article Salford and some good comments.

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