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imagescenWell this site is certainly getting attention.  Salford City Council seem to be regular vistors and we have been requested by them to stop using the Salford coat of arms on the blog. So for the time being we will remove the coat of arms but under duress. As I am a resident of Salford and a taxpayer I shall be seeking advice to clarify our situation so if anybody can help us out on this one I would be much obliged.The second request which we have also carried out was the removal of a council workers name as regards who to contact to register for postal voting . If I was of a suspicious nature i would be asking is this the council trying to be obstructive  when it comes to BNP supporters registering for a  postal vote. The name in question is clearly available  in public domain as the person to contact when wishing to register for a  postal vote. As is already stated by the disclaimer on this site, articles are written by members/ supporters of the British National Party expressing their own views and as such are not intended to represent the views of the British National Party


6 Responses to “Changes to site”

  1. Salford Council enjoy getting at the people of Salford.
    They are generally without any morals. They are generally overpaid for their ability levels- public money – got their snouts in the trough and no shame in taking working people’s money.
    All working people in Salford have to pay money to them or go to prison – this money is extracted under duress.
    Of course there are some ok council workers but there are many who really are evil little busy bodies. Acting out their political ideologies while taking public money is nothing new for Salford Council. The evil ones know that a BNP government will sack them and they will pay money back in compensation for all they have done to the people in Salford. Lose their pensions too.
    Remember the office council workers are not high ability people so please check out any of their directives with a good lawyer – and if the council have got it wrong – which they frequently do – then sue them and go for their jobs.
    Salford council must be one of the most hated councils in the country. I would be embarrased to work for them but some people have no morals.

  2. Under European law you have protected rights of political freedom. If the council are persecuting you for political reasons they are in breach of the law. Get a good lawyer to check it all out. See if they have treated other political parties in an equal manner.
    Check out if you can use the coat of arms or not. They are acting illegally if they are persecuting you for your political beliefs. You can have them prosecuted and get their jobs if they are in breach of the law.
    See if other sites pulicise who to contact to register to vote and see if that is illegal (surley it is assisting people to act democratically?).

  3. It’ll be interesting to see if Salford Council allow council facilities to be used for anti-BNP campaign groups like Manchester City council does. Surely this must be illegal, and if it happens I hope that someone out there will make a legal challenge.

  4. Thanks for the advice and believe me we won,t be taking this without looking into it

  5. BNP Salford –
    I asked a friend of mine on the phone tonight about these issues – he is a barrister but it is not his area of expertise. However, he said that if it is the city coat of arms it may be restricted to use by the council by decree – I personally can not remember the coat of arms on the site (I only read the writing) – but if it is the city it could be limited to use. Nobody will miss it but please do check if this is the case here. However, he said that he can not see a problem with advising people how to register to vote. He said the best thing to do is to get good legal advice yourself. He also confirmed that if the council are persecuting you in any way because of your political beliefs you can take legal action against them. If they continue you can do them for harassment also. He said to keep all names of council employees who harass you in any way and if they continue to harass you you can get civl injunctions against them and also prosecute them under criminal law. If they are guilty of harassment they can go to prison.
    Personally I think that if the coat of arms is associated with the council rather than the people of the city you are better off without it. However, you do not have to put up with any political persecution or any form of harassment. If the council are guilty of any of these offences you can get them prosecuted.

  6. This is the kind of scum with no morlas who are frequently employed by local councils:

    They manage to keep a lot of thier evil doings quiet but the odd thing gets published. A lot of these council officers have no morals. They need to be sacked and their pensions taken from them.

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