Simon Barby v Weymann Bennett

Another great Radio appearence by Simon Darby. This time talking to Weymann Bennett from the U.A.F. Once again many thanks to play radio for having the  backbone to give the BNP a fair hearing .

To hear the next two parts of this show where callers give their views go to our Play Radio page. For further shows just check the archieves for Feb. I will put them on the play radio page but am busy at the moment removing the Salford crest from the site as requested by the council


One Response to “Simon Barby v Weymann Bennett”

  1. Is this the calibre of people working within the UaF ? Obviously a recipient of “positive discrimination” because he sure as hell didn’t get to be a spokesperson on merit. No wonder our political opponents fear us. UaF just came out of this looking like the liars and fascists that they are. Whats the bet Weyman was not recieved warmly back into the UaF nest after this for making them look so ridiculous. Go Simon Go, you made us proud !

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