So this is a moderate Muslim


 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford 

 In Britain we are told repeatedly we have nothing to fear from moderate Muslims. They are just normal folk like you and me. In their attempts to convince us of this they go to extreme lengths. Lets take a quick look over the pond to start with. After the 9/11 attacks  Aasiya Hassan was so disturbed by the anti Muslim sentiment hat she convinced her husband Muzzammil Hassan something needed to be done to combat the bad press Islam was attracting. So this moderate Muslim founded Bridges TV which stated , There should be a Muslim media so that Muslim children growing up in America grow up with the self  confidence and high self esteem about their identity both as Americans and as Muslims.”   Muzzammil Hassan and Bridges TV  went on to play a prominent role in the Muslim community of America but some how i doubt even his own TV station will be able to paint a pleasant picture of  the actions of this prominent moderate Muslim.

On Thursday 12th March police charged Muzzammil Hassan with second degree murder. Muzzammil Hassan had murdered his wife by chopping off her head in what is described by muslims as an honour killing. His wife had already taken out a restraining order and had filed for a divorce. In keeping with Islamic teaching Muzzammil Hassan brutally murdered his wife in the twisted belief this would some how restore his honour.   

These are the actions of a so called moderate Muslim. Once again his actions demonstrate that even even so called moderate Muslims are so brain washed by the cult of the dead paedophile. Even they can be a danger to others  in civilised society                                                                     


2 Responses to “So this is a moderate Muslim”

  1. I cannot understand why so many are so complacent about Islam and Muslim culture. It is violent and intolerant and ugly. I do not understand why Western countires accept immirants from Arab nations. They o not want to be westernized or be one of us. I saw a woman in Philadelphia a month ago in full burka attire – no face showing – and it made me ill. They want to destroy our culture, not share in it.

  2. “There may be moderate muslims but there is not moderate Islam”..Geert Wilders. The fact of the matter is no matter which way you, you can ever paint Islam as the religion of peace and similtaneously remain credible, people will continue to make up their own minds with the available evidence.

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