Hard Times








The plight of the British worker as never looked so bleak. Unemployment at a record 10year high  the CBI forecasts it will hit 3million before the next election. The one eyed Scottish idiots  promise of British job for British just more LIEbour hot air. In Fact there are no jobs for British workers. Foreign workers are taking more jobs than ever before. They now hold 4million British jobs that’s nearly 14% of  the total !  A figure which could be closer to 18% when you take into account the way this government give away British citizenship to every; ivan,adbul or mohamed  who holds his grubby hand out.  Or the way foreign workers are classed as British because they live in local accommodation. More lies to cover up this governments barefaced betrayal of the British worker.       

We only need to look at the recent oil refinery disputes to see British artisans exculed from  jobs, while they were reserved for Italian workers. Foreign workers flout Britain’s minimum wage of £5.73 an hour by working for as little as £25 a day SLAVE LABOUR !  There’s no way British workers who have mortgages and national insurance to pay can compete with this. British workers are been put on the scrap heap by this traitorous LIEbour Marxist government and  the parasites who run the unions. So the one eyed Scottish idiots hands are tied we are led to believe because of the EU freedom of movement regulations. We are told he is doing his best to get a better deal for British workers.

When will the Lie’s end, the British people need to open their eyes and take a look at some simple facts. Immigrant workers  from outside the EUssr make up 9% of work force. That’s immigrants who have to apply for a work permit or visa from guess who? the one eyed Scottish idiot. Last year Spain announced due to massive unemployment it would be issuing zero work permits for low or unskilled immigrant workers. The one eyed Scottish idiot issued an extra 5000 visa’s, thats 5000 British workers denied employment, Jobs Gordan Brown add direct control over.

British jobs for British workers isn,t ; racist it ,or  selfish,  It is plain and simple common sense. Unemployment is a massive drain on the states finances. British workers in employment not only pay taxes but in turn bolster the economy. Take the foreign workers living on barges 90% of their income will leave the UK  without ever entering the British economy. Immigrant workers send in excess of a £1billion home every year , money that will never return to the British economy. While at the same time having access to free health care and education. Having a British workforce ensures that valuable skills are passed on from generation to generation. To deprive our youth of the skills they require  to compete for  jobs, can only lead to higher unemployment. Higher unemployment as massive social implecations. The famaily unit is placed under more stress, the number of divorces rose drasicly during mass unemployment under Thatcher. Children going through the trauma of their parents divorce often under achieve at school. Arise in crime is always being linked with raising unemployment. British jobs for British workers isn’t just about a pay cheque. Its about self respect , pride, community, British self reliance ,a future or our kids. All the things this government seem to disregard and brush aside. No wonder they won,t fight for British jobs.

British jobs for British workers must mean just that if  we are to come out of this depression in a position to rebuild a sustainable British economy.



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