Some of our cousins across the pond are up in arms about this cartoon in the Newyork Times. They are crying it’s racist depicting Obama as a crazed chimp. What do you think is it racist or just satire? Leave your vote in the comment section please as I haven’t quite figure how to upload a proper poll


3 Responses to “Poll”

  1. It’s just a cartoon combining a couple of news stories – there’s that new gummint bill, sure, but also the police had to shoot a mental chimpanzee that had already chewed a woman’s hand off and chewed up her face.

    Knowing both stories, I think it’s excellent satire.

  2. Well done Cllr Paul Golding and your’e hard working activists, BNP for me, keep spreading the truth.

  3. bnpsalford Says:

    my sentiments entirely Sir Henery

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