First victory of the year goes to Paul Golding winning a seat on the Sevenoaks Council in Swanley, Kent,

Paul Golding (BNP) 408
Mike Hogg (Lab) 332
Tony Harry Searles (C) 247

A massive well done to Paul Golding and all the team down in Swanley ! First time standing in what was presumed to be one of the safest labour seats in Kent. Yet again this shows what can be done with ALOT OF HARD WORK AND DEDICATION. This victory comes at just the right time for us here in Salford. We have our own by election in 4 weeks time and this victory will spur us  on. There were three other elections  last night but i can,t seem to get confirmation of any results at the moment and its time for my bed early start in the morning. I couldn,t go to bed without including this last gem priceles gem. Apparently the ashen-faced Labour team stormed out of the counting hall as soon as they could. Only the Tories, who had been friendly throughout the day, stayed behind to congratulate Councillor Golding on his election victory.


2 Responses to “Victory”

  1. Fantastic!
    The traitors at national and local government (and all their enablers in the media/police and such like) better watch out because the BNP are going to be in power very soon!
    The evil people are going to have to pay for hurting the British people!

  2. philip skippon Says:

    Congratulations BNP and all concerned in the elections.No matters what low life tactics the many opponents put into place and they are many.We must persevere and save our way of life and heritage.Through the ages we the British have endured many enemies and each time its made us stronger for the next battle.

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