Hang the B–tards

images43 The so called experts have decided that Peter Sutcliffe the notorious Yorkshire ripper is no longer insane. Sutcliffe murdered 13 women and attempted to kill 7  more across Yorkshire and Greater Manchester. He began his sentence in prison but three years later was diagnosed with schizophrenia and transferred to broad moor secure hospital. Even so Sutcliffe was not given an whole life tariff. Sutcliffe is now represented by human rights lawyer Saimo Chahal. His legal team have fought hard recently to have him declared sane and given a release date. These experts advised that if the powers-that-be allowed him to be re-categorised and sent to a medium secure unit, he was at low risk of trying to escape or breaking the rules. Prisoners in medium secure units you are basically being prepared for a new life outside. Okay your saying scum like this will never be released not even by this screwed up government.





Well remember this face because she could be living just down your street. This is Tanya French who along with boyfriend Alan Webster raped a 12 week old baby. Webster was given a life sentence and French was given a disgusting 5yr sentence.

On the 27th nov 2008 French walked free after serving  just 30 months of her sentence. Where is the justice.  Webster was given a life sentence and may spend the rest of his life in prison.




Or could we see the same happening as happened with this lowlife scum here.James Taylor raped a a 13 month baby girl and took pictures while he did it. August 2008 after serving just 40 months he walked free after some so called expert said there was a low risk of him re offending. LOW RISK so the government is admitting that he is a risk but are prepared to take a risk.


This is just the tip of the iceberg. Murders and rapists are being set free with no regard for the safety of our communities most vulnerable. The sex offenders register is a joke. There is no control over these monsters  prowling  our streets. Through contacts they have made in prison they become more organised and devious. Often travelling overseas to fulfill their depraved fantasies on innocent children in developing countries. Over 50% of sex offenders have previous convictions yet are released to re offend. Even when convicted the sentences handed down are an insult to the victims. Five years for raping a baby, with remission this is a real sentence of  30 months, Where is the justice what signal doe’s this send out to the vermin lurking on our street corners ? James Taylor was found living with his parents next door to a school. After being released for raping a baby but often we have no idea where these monsters are because the government deems fit to provide them with new identifacations. To protect them being attacked. Protecting our children from these monsters should be governments priority!

In all of the cases above there was no question of any doubt as to the guilt of these monsters. There can be only one penalty for such crimes that is capital punishment. Never mind all the left wing do gooders and psychiatrists who would have us believe these people can be rehabilitated. Society needs protecting and punishment needs to be appropriate to the crime. The British National Party stands alone in it,s manifesto pledge that capital punishment should be made available as an option when there is irrefutable proof of guilt backed up by D.N.A evidence.  


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