Now You Can Strike Back at the Media Liars!

I try not to reproduce articles found on other sites or blogs too much but i felt this deserved your attention. Its taken from the main British National Party website. I feel we should all follow the advice layed out in the article and make a formal compliant. This is the smell of fear and desperation in the run up to the European elections in June. With the growing support for the British National Party along with the recent fantastic VICTORY in what was presumed to be a safe Labour seat at Swanley. The liblabcon traitors along with their media lackies realise that despite all their lies and attempts to discredit the British National Party the British people have simply had enough and are turning to the BNP as the only credable party offering real solutions.









All people disgusted at the misrepresentation of the BNP in today’s copy of The Independent newspaper must lay an official online complaint with the Press Complaints Commission immediately.

The Independent, which is anything but, has today published an article entitled “Alarm over rise of BNP,” written by that paper’s deputy political editor Nigel Morris. The article itself is as biased as to be expected from that far leftist paper, but the image which has been used to illustrate the article is a deliberate misrepresentation of BNP supporters as some type of skinhead thugs.

The image – which is of supporters of a previously unknown group calling itself the “Nationalist Alliance” – is captioned by The Independent as “BNP supporters out in force in Leeds in 2005.”  The posters which the skinheads are carrying specifically state that they are from the “Nationalist Alliance” and provide a contact telephone number – which does not belong to the BNP.

All this can be seen clearly on the photograph, yet The Independent has still lied blatantly by calling them “BNP supporters.”

The time when these media liars could get away with such criminal acts is now past. 

All readers are urged to immediately lay a formal complaint with the Press Complaints Commission, which can be done online and will only take a minute or two to complete.

The first step is to go the Press Complaints Commission website complaints form, which you can find by clicking here.

Once on that page, fill in your name, address and contact details, so that the PCC can inform you of the progress of your complaint.

You can cut and paste the information you need directly from here into the form:

– In the part asking for Newspaper/magazine, type in: The Independent.

– In the Publication Date space, type in today’s date:  21/02/09.

– For headline, insert the words:    Alarm over rise of BNP.

– The Internet link to the article (cut and paste it from here) is

-For the Attachment Required section, please attach a screenshot of the article in question. You can download a prepared copy of the article by clicking here.

Save that screenshot to your computer, and then attach it to the PCC form using the space/upload facility they provide.

– In the section marked “Please explain how you believe the Code of Practice has been breached. Which specific clause(s) of the Code are you complaining under?” please insert the following comment:

The Press Complaints Commission Code of Practice clause 1 reads as follows:


 i) The Press must take care not to publish inaccurate, misleading or distorted information, including pictures.”

The image which The Independent has used is of supporters of the “Nationalist Alliance” — as clearly indicated by the posters which the people are carrying.

This group has nothing to do with the BNP, yet The Independent picture caption reads “BNP supporters out in force in Leeds in 2005.”

As the image itself shows no link to the BNP, and shows some sort of skinhead outfit, this is obviously a malicious and wilful deception on the part of the Independent. 

It clearly breaches clause one of the Press Complaints Commission Code. The use of that image is clearly designed to mislead the public by using negative stereotypes from a totally unrelated obscure group to smear the BNP.

An apology and retraction is demanded, along with a censure not to engage in such malicious misrepresentation ever again.


4 Responses to “Now You Can Strike Back at the Media Liars!”

  1. Nothing surprises me from the gutter press- I remember the Independent’s front page and coverage of the UAF organised riot outside the Oxford Union when Nick Griffin had been invited to speak- it read like Socialist Worker. Let’s hope that the Salford Advertiser doesn’t sink to the same depths in the run-up to the Pendlebury By-Elelction. as it’s owned by the Guardian Media Group which owns it’s sister paper the Manchester Evening News, it would come as no great shock if it did.

  2. Sent mine Yesterday.

    Here’s my contribution to the War effort

  3. Sir Henry Morgan Says:

    Off topic – but I think this might interest you enough to blog it.

    Do follow and read the links given.

  4. good luck to the 4 BNP candidates this evening. Here is hoping they can get elected and make a difference to the respective local people. We need to stop the local authorities hurting us.

    Another ‘great result’ for local government here – 2 kids got sexually abused because of social services. Social services have put a known sex offender in a family without telling them his history and he has hurt the children. A BNP govertnment will clear out all this madness from local authorities/councils and will return common sense and decency. It is plain common sense and plain decency that you do not do things like this. The ‘do gooders’ at the council need to stop hurting people. All the evil do gooders need to be sacked. No pensions and answer for the harm they have done in courts.–leaving-free-rape-son.html?ITO=1490

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