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 The 26 links below are all cases of  ethnic crimes against the indigenous population, all reported in  Jan 2009. The majority are murders with the next being cases of rape. Then there are cases of brutal unprovoked attacks. Have a look at some of the sentences handed down i,m sure have we have a case of  good old positive discrimination going on here. We are under constant attack and the traitorous media still hasn,t uttered a word. Gordan Brown solely because of  his complicity to this outrage is guilty of criminal negligence in his duty to protect the British people. Anyway have a look for yourselves. Personally i found it very disturbing

 Asian Smashed up 79-Year-old Lady Then Set Her on Fire!

Killer Rapist Kristoff Emmanuel Alauya Gets 22 Years

Chinese Conman Battered Pensioner to Death

Jack Large, 14, was Stabbed in the Back and Head. His Killer Got Just 5 years!

Pascal Simpson Stabbed Mark Beard in the back and got away with manslaughter!

Anselm Ribera and 3 Others Charged with the murder of Craig Hodson-Walker

Fijian-Asian Slits the Throat of his British Wife

Second Foreigner Charged with Darren Plumley’s Murder

Two Black Men Jailed After Pub Murder

Muslim Admits Killing White Builder

Rizwan Asghar Attacked Teenage Girl With Hedge Trimmer

Katie Gutierrez-Perez was drunk when she killed 15-month old Finlay Woods

Woman Brutally Attacked by Eight Africans

Kristian Fenwick Brutally Attacked by Asians

Hit-and-run Driver, Rajesh Khunti, Left Graham Phillips a Body that “Doesn’t Function”

Jemal Bennett Charged with Stabbing Young Woman

Devout Muslims” Left 52-year-old James Ferguson with Brain Damage!

Illegal Immigrant, Peter Delisser Returned to England and Raped a Teenager

Girl Dragged into House and Raped by Immigrant Amos Moobeng

Terrifying Gang of Carjackers Jailed

Bogus Doctor Yaqub Hussain Sexually Assaulted 82-Year-Old

Brazilian Pervert Sexually Abused Girls and Women

Black Drug Dealers Kidnap, Torture and Rape Young Woman

Kamran Karimi Stared at a little boy as he abused himself: Spared Jail!

Man in Court Charged with Murder after Burning Body Was Found Beside Motorway


Raymond Chan Accused of Raping a Teenager

The Cops First said it was a White Man Now They are Black or Asian!–8216-speaks-8217-eyes.html

Bakht Zaman Charged Over Toddler’s Death

Faria Khan Jailed Over Rap Band Murder

Marcin Kazmierczak Charged with Stabbing Kirsty Hollingsworth to Death

Al Qaeda Killer Kamel Bourgass Demands Female Prison Staff Wear Veils

Friends Mark Anniversary of Murdered Cabbie, Colin Winstone

Pensioner Dies in Handbag Snatch

Arrogant Asian Doctor Priya Ramnath Killed Patricia Leighton

Hit-And-Run Killer Jean Renee Mukadi Cannot Be Deported

The CPS Let Michael Rowley’s Pakstani Killer Go!–came-back.html

Jemal Bennett Charged with Stabbing Young Woman

Two People Shot in Their Home: 4 Black Youths Sought

Asian Gangs Terrorising Elderly and Disabled Residents

Man Run Over then Savagely Beaten

Asian Gang Shoot 14-Girl in Face During Violent Robbery

Unprovoked Attack on Teen Boy by Five Asian Men

13-Year-Old Girl Hit Over the Head And Robbed by 3 black girls

15-Year-Old Attacked by Asians in Park

Asians Stab 15-Year-Old for his Mobile Phone

Devout Muslims Left 52-year-old James Ferguson with Brain Damage!

Illegal Immigrant Took Part in 23 Knifepoint Gang Robberies

Black Savages Jailed for Caustic Soda Rape

German Rapist Andries Daniel Els Jailed After Attack on Teenager

Teenager Dragged off Street and Raped by Negro

Black Drug Dealers Kidnap, Torture and Rape Young Woman

Asian Sex Offender Attacks Teenager with Hedge Trimmer

Girl Dragged off Street and Raped

14-Year-Old Gang Raped by Asians at Christmas

Woman’s ‘Terrifying’ Rape Ordeal at the Hands of 4 Asians

Immigrant Ryan Subryan Gets 18 Years For Rapes

Illegal Immigrant Returned to England and Raped a Teenager

Romanian criminal, Ali Majlat Raped Girl for English Lessons!


They Charged a White Man With Rape When THEY Knew a Black Man Did it!


Thief Harpinder Nandra Seduced a 15-year-old and Battered her with a Rolling Pin

Serious Sexual Assault by Eastern European

Sex Assault by Asian at Burnley Skate Park

TV Doctor Aivar Bracka ‘Abused His Male Patients’

Dr Naveen Shivan Sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl

Gulzaman Khan Jailed for Attempted Rape of Teenager

Bogus Doctor, Yaqub Hussain, Sexually Assaulted 82-Year-Old

Robinho ‘Arrested Over Sex Assault’

Flasher Spared Jail Despite Concerns Of Judge!

Children as Young as Four Being Sexually Bullied in School

Armed Robbers, Damian Kaczynski and Adam Romulewicz, Jailed for 8 Years

73-Year-Old Burglary Victim Tied Up By Black Burglars

Kriss Killer Admits Assaulting Prisoner

Muslim Punches & Racially Abuses White Mum

Why did They Bail Illegal Immigrant Aare Akintola When he Stole £5m?

Rasty Mohamed Punched and Spat at Jobcentre Staff and Tried to Strangle a Cop

El-Hadji Diouf threatened to stab Anton Ferdinand

80 Foreign Murderers Welcomed to Britain

Please don,t blame me if that was a tad too long, that i,m a fraid it is the product of living in an enriched society !!! Only when it is assembled like this do we realise just how grave the danger is


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