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PROTESTORS have launched an Internet campaign asking people to boycott a sandwich retailer for only stocking Halal meat in two of its stores in Manchester.

Campaigners have set up a group on social networking website Facebook asking users to support them in pressurising the Subway restaurant chain to “offer all its customers the freedom to choose” whether they eat ritually prepared or traditionally prepared meat.

The stores, in Cheetham Hill and Levenshulme, stock only certified Halal meats, which are prepared for consumption according to Muslim religious practice.

“We believe this discriminates against non-Muslim customers,” wrote one of the group’s administrators. “Our intention is not to deprive the Muslim customers the right to Halal products, but we must be free to decide.”

The group hope to encourage supporters to avoid buying Subway products, send a letter of concern to the company and also to sign their petition, which they intend to present to the company’s chief executive.

A spokesman for Subway said: “The Subway chain has over 70 stores in the Manchester and Greater Manchester area, of which several serve a range of certified Halal meats.

“The Halal stores reflect an increased demand from the local Muslim community for Halal certified products.

“Subway stores aim to cater for the whole community, by offering subs that everyone can enjoy, and should customers wish to eat non-Halal meats at a Subway store in Manchester, there are many others to choose from.”

Cheetham councillor Afzal Khan, a former lead member for race equality, said: “The company’s decision to serve Halal meat in these two areas seems to me to be a commercial decision.

“If they have stopped providing non-Halal meat, then the management must have concluded that there are not many meat eaters who object to eating it.

“Through this policy they can make their business viable and more profitable. I would support any action which provides service to many diverse groups living in our vibrant city.”  

That’s it no more foot long steak sub for me then . Although i personally abhor the thought of eating meat that is a result of barbaric ritual slaughter . Two stores doesn,t seem any reason for compliant , so i  investigated further . Low and behold contrary to the claims of the Asian news , there were more than 2 and by the time i got to 5 i stopped counting . A lie is a lie whether it,s 1 out or 1000 out but my next discovery set my resolve to back and promote this boycott for the freedom of choice all they .Subway plans to open at least another 100 halal exclusive stores in the UK this year! Its becoming an habit on the Salford Nationalist blog to find government officials  that endorse our very own sentiments and this case is no exception , here is Lord Rooker echoing the sentiments of the BOYCOTT SUBWAY campaign

Halal and kosher

meat should   halal-070408_22892t

not be slipped

in to

food chain,

says minister

By Martin Hickman, Consumer Affairs Correspondent                           

Monday, 7 April 2008                                                                                   



Halal and kosher meat should be labelled when it is put on sale so the public can decide whether they want to buy food from animals that have bled to death, the Food and Farming minister says.

 Lord Rooker said all meat from animals killed by slitting their throats should be marked, allowing customers to decide whether the suffering troubled their consciences. “I object to the method of slaughter,” he said.

“My choice as a customer is that I would want to buy meat that has been looked after and slaughtered in the most humane way possible.”

As well as Lord Rookers opposition to this barbaric cruelty ,The Farm Animals Welfare Committee and the R.S.P.C.A campaign vigorously to get ritual slaughter banned in the UK ,stating that it causes the animals to experience much more  unnecessary suffering than slaughter using then convention method .Where animals are pre stunned . The boycott as out grown its Facebook beginnings and now as a dedicated website
which i urge you all to visit and sign the online petition that is available there . If there,s any of you who don,t know how evil this process of so called religious slaughter truly is , here is a video link BUT DO NOT WATCH THIS LINK IF YOU ARE SENSITIVE TO GROSS CRULTY TO ANIMALS OR ARE OF A SEQMISH DISPOSITION   Who is not convinced now !


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