The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford

The British National Party  as been the victim of so many lies and smears against it . We have tried to answer some of most widely held misconceptions on this page . For any other information you may require ,either visit bnp.org.uk or contact us via the link .

There is no such thing as a British people.  The history of Britain is one of continued mass immigration, and we are therefore a mongrel people.  What is happening now is just a continuation of that history.

Not at all – the scientific definition of an ‘indigenous’ species is a species originally present in an area.  Therefore the indigenous British genotype is that created at the time when Britain was created as a nation, around 1,000 years ago.  Britain then was made up of the descendants of the original Celts, together with Nordic (or Viking) people [from Norway, Sweden and Denmark], Germanic people [Angles and Saxons], Normans [who were largely former Vikings] and the Romans. 

The point therefore is that the indigenous British are a fusion of genetically similar Northern and Western European peoples all coming from within a few hundred miles of each other. While more recent migrants from these areas can be easily assimilated therefore given their compatible genotype, the present immigration from the Third World is a very different matter. Species which move into a new area and become established there are called colonisers.  Britain is therefore being colonised by foreign populations which are changing the nature of Britain.

[To understand this it is useful to consider a non-emotional parallel: the red and grey squirrel.  The red squirrel is the indigenous one, the grey one the coloniser.  The grey squirrel will never be termed indigenous, no matter how long it has been here.  The term indigenous has a precise scientific meaning.  A species either is, or is not, indigenous; it cannot become indigenous.]

Do you accept or deny that blacks/Asians born in Britain are totally British?

People are partly the product of their environment, but mainly of their genes.  Spike Milligan and Joanna Lumley were born in India – do you think they are Indians?  It was the Duke of Wellington who said that just because someone is born in a stable that doesn’t make him a horse. 

To be truly British one has to have a British genotype, as well as to have fully adopted British culture.  Blacks and Asians born here are legally British and should be treated as such, but they are not genetically British. Indeed, most blacks and Asians do not see themselves as wholly British, and often refer to themselves as British Asians, or British Pakistanis, etc

What would you do with blacks and Asians already here?

Our policy is to:

i.  Deport ALL the 2 million plus who are here illegally;

ii.  Deport all those who commit crimes and whose original nationality was not British;

iii.  Review all recent grants of residence/citizenship to ensure they are still appropriate [eg. if they were granted citizenship because they had married a Briton, they would need to be still married];

iv.  Offer generous grants (£50,000) to anyone born here, or who otherwise has British citizenship, who chooses to leave permanently and is able to obtain a foreign citizenship (and thus renounce their British one).

[Note that we don’t mention race here at all; these policies are ‘colour blind’.] 

If you believe that the races are different then you are racists.

Not at all.  The definition of a racist is someone who hates people of other races.  We do not hate anybody.  Anyone who says the BNP is racist is either misinformed or a liar.

  Why don’t you let blacks and Asians into the BNP?

For the same reason the Girl Guides don’t allow boys to join. Does that mean they are sexist? Does it mean they hate boys?  Of course not, it’s just that their aim is to cater for the interests of girls, and similarly the BNP isn’t racist, but our purpose is to cater for the interests of the indigenous British population. The indigenous population of Britain is now the only group which is facing systematic, legalised and institutionalised discrimination, harassment and oppression.  That’s precisely why the British people need the BNP – because we are the one and only organisation that has their interests at heart.  There are hundreds of organisations exclusively for blacks or Asians, but only one organisation for the indigenous population – the BNP. 

Migrants are good for Britain’s economy and for services like the NHS.

This is completely untrue, as has been demonstrated by independent analysts [eg. MigrationWatch]. The government claims that migrants raise our GDP, but crime increases GDP too – do you believe that crime is a good thing?  It’s not GDP we should be measuring but quality of life, and Britain’s population is now double what environmental groups [eg. the Optimum Population Trust] believe is the appropriate figure for a country this size. 

As for the health service, ‘health tourists’ are estimated to cost the NHS £2 billion a year, and diseases such as TB and AIDS are on the increase as a direct result of immigration.  British doctors and nurses are unable to find work in the NHS because we are importing medical staff – some with questionable qualifications – from the Third World where they are desperately needed.  The BNP would improve the NHS and reduce waiting lists.

Explain what you mean by British culture.

Any nation’s culture is a combination of all the historical factors that go towards making the majority of people in that country, and the country itself, identifiably different. Our culture is therefore a combination of our history, our temperament, our sporting, artistic, literary and musical heritage, our environment, our interests and aspirations, our language, our religion and our form of government. 

A culture takes centuries to create, but can be destroyed in just a few years. Only the BNP values and wants to preserve our traditional culture – the other parties are determined to undermine it and destroy it in their ideological determination to impose a multicultural society where the British are treated as second class citizens in their own country.

Do you want an all-white Britain?

We have no objection to a limited number of people of different races or cultures, but they shouldn’t be so many that they actually change the area they live in.  Ethnic minorities should be just that – minorities, making up no more than 2-3% of the population of any given area.  In some areas their numbers have become too high, and there are parts of our towns and cities which have become visibly foreign. We want a traditional Britain.

What is your attitude to homosexuals?

The British National Party is not ‘homophobic’ and believes that what consenting adults do in the privacy of their bedrooms is a matter for them alone and is of no concern to anyone else.  On the other hand the BNP is not blinded or cowed by political correctness and recognises that homosexuality, which affects less than 2% of the population, is not the norm and that homosexual relationships do not produce offspring – essential to the survival of a people and a nation. 

We therefore believe in a policy of tolerance to all forms of adult sexuality, but homosexuality should not be promoted or encouraged. The BNP supports the traditional ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’ attitude to homosexuality and is opposed to the flaunting or celebrating of homosexuality which ‘civil partnerships’ represent.  We believe that the government should adopt a more neutral position towards homosexuality rather than aiding and encouraging it by passing legislation specifically and solely designed to favour it.

Your leader is on record denying the Holocaust ever happened and claiming that Jews control the media – you are clearly an anti-Semitic party.

Not at all.  Dredging up quotes from 10, 15, 20 years ago is really pathetic and, in a sense, rather fascist. Everyone knows that people’s political philosophies evolve and change as they develop – at least three Labour ministers were previously Communist Party members, for instance –  and Nick Griffin has repeatedly stated that he has changed his views since then.  The BNP is in no way anti-Semitic nor do we deny the Holocaust.  We have many Jewish members and are pleased to have a Jewish councillor in Epping, who is, indeed, the group leader there.

Senior BNP leaders have been convicted of race hatred and other criminal offences – how can you deny being a violent and racist party?

You are talking about the actions of a small minority of members in the past, not the present.  No senior member of the BNP has any serious criminal convictions.  It is a fact however that BNP members are sometimes politically victimised and wrongfully convicted when merely defending themselves from attack.  As for convictions for political crimes, these simply prove we do not have freedom of speech in Britain any more.  We do not – absolutely not – encourage hatred against ethnic minorities, but we must be allowed to speak about the problems which Britain faces today.  Nowadays the BNP is the only party that stands up for genuine free speech.

The real criminals are to be found in the Labour, Conservative and LibDem parties which are notorious for sleaze, fraud and corruption, and whose members have a string of convictions for serious criminal offences

Have a quick look on our Peadophiles,Rapists & Thieves page to see who the real criminals REALLY ARE !!!!

  What is your position on an English parliament?


The British National Party, as its name suggests, believes that Britain is stronger for being united, and that the home nations – and the people of these nations – have a common history and heritage, as well as continuing common interests.  We note with concern however that the establishment of the Scottish parliament and the Assemblies in Wales and Northern Ireland has created an inequitable situation in England, with issues which are only relevant to England being voted on by MPs representing constituencies in the other home nations.  There is a growing resentment at this unfairness in England and we believe that an English parliament would help to resolve this problem.  An English parliament would therefore strengthen the Union.  The BNP policy is: ‘an English parliament for a stronger Britain’

The BNP is a fascist and undemocratic party.

This is utter nonsense – the BNP is, in fact, the most democratic party in Britain.  Only the BNP believes in citizen-initiated referenda which will genuinely give power back to the people.  The other parties are determined to ignore the wishes of the British people – only the BNP trusts the British people and wants to give them back control over their country.

[Citizen-initiated referenda work very well in Switzerland and some US states.]#

The BNP is an extremist party.

This is totally untrue.  An opinion poll carried out for Sky News in April 2006 found that over 50% of the British people support the BNP’s policies.  We simply say what the majority of people in this country think, so how can we possibly be called extremist?  On the contrary, this poll proves that we represent the genuine centreground of British politics. The BNP is the voice of the British people


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