British jobs for British workers


 The British National Party  fighting for a better future for the people of Salford

 After  another great turnout by the salford bnp activists on Monday night  , when 500 leaflets were delivered to the people of Salford . Alias no rest for the  Salford activists they were on the streets again!!! at 10.30 Tuesday morning , this time to  oppose the racist behavior of  Manchester City Council who along with their partners in crime  at Salford City Council see no problem in discriminating against Manchester’s indigenous work force


Jobs fairs and recruitment events

Jobs Fair for Black & Minority Ethnic people

The event will take place from 11.00am to 4.00pm in the Great Hall at Manchester Town Hall, Albert Square on Tuesday 20 January 2009.

Increase you independence and confidence when applying for jobs. Find out what’s on offer from a wide variety of employers from the private, public and voluntary sectors, who will be available to answer queries about specific job and career opportunities.

A wide variety of job vacancies will be available on the day. Visitors can also obtain advice on employment related matters, training and educational opportunities. Free workshops will also take place, offering practical advice on completing application forms and interview techniques.

Although the Jobs Fairs are targeted at attracting groups that are generally underrepresented within the workforce, everyone is welcome to attend.

More information about the organisations attending this event are available in this download.

For more information about the jobs fair, contact Sonia Stewart:
Tel: 0161 234 3985
Internal: 800 3985
Fax: 0161274 7024

n1397612843_30055182_72151Salford and Manchester  British National Party demonstrated out side Manchester town hall .Distributing leaflets  pointing out how  the double standards and hypocrisy  of Manchester council , as well as the media outrage and probable prosecutions that would of followed had someone organised a white jobs fair . Not as much a jobs fair as a jobs  UN fair .As Manchester’s public received the leaflets more than a few were heard to comment ” what about us where,s our jobs fair ” . What can i say to that .Except to point out that the media , government and council as well as an whole host of left wing gutter trash seem intent on  giving our black/ethnic guests priority in the jobs market ,however  when the British National Party states in their  manifesto that British workers will be given  priority in the jobs market .  there,s an all mighty uproar and we are branded  racist . In my
mind whats good for the goose is good for the gander . Thankfulythe British National Party will not only put an end to discrimination but will ensure that the indiginous population who have for generations paid taxes and contributed to their country will be rewarded  by being given priority in their search for employment .

Globalisation, with its export of jobs to the Third World, is bringing ruin and unemployment to British industries and the communities that depend on them.

Accordingly, the BNP calls for the selective exclusion of foreign-made goods from British markets and the reduction of foreign imports. We will ensure that our manufactured goods are, wherever possible, produced in British factories, employing British workers.

When this is done, unemployment in this country will be brought to an end, and secure, well-paid employment will flourish, at last getting our people back to work and ending the waste and injustice of having more than 4 million people in a hidden army of the unemployed concealed by Labour’s statistical fiddles. We further believe that British industry, commerce, land and other economic and natural assets belong in the final analysis to the British nation and people.

To that end we will restore our economy and land to British ownership. We also call for preference in the job market to be given to native Britons. We will take active steps to break up the socially, economically and politically damaging monopolies now being established by the supermarket giants.

Finally we will seek to give British workers a stake in the success and prosperity of the enterprises whose profits their labour creates by encouraging worker shareholder and co-operative schemes

Prime Minister’s promise of ‘British jobs for British workers’ rings hollow, statistics show

Migrant workers have more than accounted for the increase in employment in the last two years while the number of Britons in work has plummeted. Jobs filled by foreigners has soared by almost half a million over the period while the number of UK-born employees has slumped by 149,000.

It shows the huge influence immigration is having on the workforce and critics said it makes a mockery of Gordon Brown’s pledge of “British jobs for British workers”. Young migrant workers and those over 50 also now earned more, on average, than their British counterparts.Figures last week showed net immigration has hit its second highest level on record after increasing five-fold under Labour. And a report by one of Prince Charles’ official charities warned rural communities are struggling to cope with the unprecedented number of overseas workers descending on their towns and villages.

The shadow home secretary, Dominic Grieve, said: “This makes a mockery of Gordon Brown’s ill-advised comment that he would create British jobs for British workers. “As well as being a ridiculous thing to say it has shown he does not have any credible answers to the problems we face, which are being made worse by the recession.” 

Figures from the Office for National Statistics show the overall level of employment increased by around 320,000 between September 2006 and September this year – up from 29.17 million to 29.49 million. However, during the two year period the number of UK workers in jobs fell by 149,000 while the number of migrant employees increased by 469,000. Similarly, in the years since Labour took power, non-UK born workers have made up around two thirds of the growth in employment. Total employment grew by 2.79 million between September 1997 and September 2008 but 62 per cent of that was made up by an increase of 1.7 million migrants in work.

Sir Andrew Green, chairman of Migrationwatch, said: “The number of jobs in the economy is not fixed but it is striking that there have been a major increase in the employment of economic migrants of nearly half a million while the number of British people in employment has fallen by 149,000 in the same period. “It is hard to believe that these two developments are entirely unconnected.”

Separate statistics from the ONS show UK workers earn more a week, on average, than their foreign counterparts (438 pounds a week), with only Americans (635), those from Australia and New Zealand (577) and western Europeans such as the French and Germans (510). However foreign workers in the 18 to 24 age bracket now earn more than their British counterparts (290 a week as opposed to 288), as do those aged over 50 (469 a week compared to 462 for Britons).

MPs warned last week that public services will be unable to cope after immigration rose to its second highest level on record. Despite the Government’s pledge to cut numbers, net immigration has increased fivefold since 1997 to 237,000 last year and means immigration has added more than 1.85 million to the population in a decade.

A separate report for one of the Prince of Wales’s official charities last week also warned a threefold increase in the flow of migrant workers into the countryside has had a “disproportionate impact” on small rural towns and villages, which lack the necessary resources and infrastructure to adapt. Housing, health care, education and policing have come under increasing pressure, according to the study for the Business in the Community charity.

A Home Office spokeswoman said: “Government and independent research continues to find no significant evidence of negative employment effects from migration. “The tough new points system will ensure only those foreign workers we need – and no more – can come here to work. It is also flexible, allowing us to raise or lower the bar according to the needs of the labour market and the country as a whole.”

Government Stabs British Workers in the Back Once Again

January 20, 2009 by BNP News  
Filed under National News

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The Government has once again stabbed British workers in the back by allowing much needed jobs on a new power station construction site to go to foreigners in a move so blatant that it has even upset the Labour Party-supporting extremist leftist Unite trade union.

Hundreds of angry British workers picketed the site of the new plant at Staythorpe, near Newark, Nottinghamshire, after it emerged that over 500 of the 850 temporary posts have already been given to Hungarian, Polish, Spanish and Portuguese workers.

Adding insult to injury, the power station is owned by the npower group, which is a subsidiary of the German company RWE. The privatisation of British institutions, started by the Tories and continued by Labour, has now come home to roost. The end result is that a foreign company now owns power stations which employ foreign workers, shunting aside British people in the process.

The blatant anti-Britishness of this scandal is so obvious that it has even incensed the slavishly pro-Labour Unite trade union. Squealing all the way from his bank balance, Derek Simpson, joint General Secretary of the Amicus Section of Unite, called it a “disgrace that local workers who have years of experience are being locked out of the job.”

Unite called the deal a “national scandal” and a betrayal of Gordon Brown’s “British jobs for British workers” mantra.

“We are seeing thousands of jobs being lost daily, yet at Staythorpe there is skilled, well-paid work available,” the union leader said from his £800,000 grace-and-favour house in Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire. He has rights to stay in that house until he dies, in addition to his nearly £200,000 a year salary.

At the Staythorpe site, hundreds of construction workers from around the country arrived by bus at the isolated rural site to demonstrate.

Stephen Pride, an unemployed rigger who lives near the site, said local workers were “gutted” by the lack of opportunities they were given.

David Smeeton, 54, who lives in Brant Broughton, just 12 miles away, said his hopes of getting work as a pipe-fitter had been ruined.

He said: “This is the one sector of the economy that’s booming. There will be 100,000 jobs created in green energy over the next 20 years.

“But almost all of them will go to foreign workers, because companies like Alstom can get away with paying them less than lads from the UK.

“Exactly how they manage to get away with it when they have to put these workers up in hotels and bus them in every day is a mystery. It’s a real kick in the teeth that there’s a power station going up virtually on my doorstep and I can’t get a job there. It’s a disgrace.”

Another would-be worker, out of a job since August after his contract on another station ended, said: “I’ve been waiting seven years for this project to begin. I could have walked to work, but instead they’re going to fly in workers from Poland or Spain.

“There have been three deaths in the industry recently, all involving foreigners, because for them it’s about getting the job done quickly and cheaply.”

A Department for Business and Enterprise spokesman said: “The EU enables companies from one member state to bid for contracts in another and bring their own workforce on a temporary basis.”

* Possibly the trade unions will now realise that the Labour government has long since stopped being their friends, and that their continued support for that party is being rewarded by a stab in the back.








One Response to “British jobs for British workers”

  1. I must reiiterate the above, How on earth, can a jobs fair that is targetting black/ethnic minorities be a fair and LEGAL event? In a “supposedly” equal society, why do we have a council that is intent on promoting employment opportunities that favour non indigenous, non white citizens? surely, if a nation preaches “equality”, then any job is open to all, regardles of colour/ethnic origin! In manchester, we saw a blatanty racist action against white jobseekers. To target a specific genre, is to discriminate against those that fail to fall into a specific catergory! to put it bluntly, if you are a white jobseeker, then you are not welcome, you fall outside the ethnic criteria! To me, that smacks of racism against the white population of Great Britain, and puts us at a disadvantage ! As more and more immigrants flood into Britain, we see a sharp rise in events that encourage them to stay, seek employment that “brits refuse to do” , and bring their whole family over, to live at taxpayers expense. I have never come across a job that is so abhorrent that it is “below” a british worker! The policy of bringing immigrant workers into Britain, is a ploy to destroy the culture and heritage of this country, we are being anhillilated for some political agenda that is beyond the comprehension of the normal guy in the street. No blame can be brought upon the “ordinary joe”, they have been spoon fed the lies and spin since they were children, they believe the government/media because they were conditioned to do so from birth .television is a powerful tool, used to control the thoughts and actions of an easily led nation. We are led to believe that diversity/multi-cult is the saviour of our way of life, and that immigrant workers will save our economy, when in fact, immigration will destroy everything we hold dear, Luckily, we have a resolve within ourselves, a determination to uphold our way of life, and our culture/heritage. Luckily, we have the BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY to show us the way! A shining light, a beacon even. We are going home, to the place we feel comfort, to where we belong. This is Britain, HOME!

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