Islamifaction of Britain


 The British National Party fighting for a better future for the people of Salford

 Lets start with a statement issued  by the Islamic Council of Europe  way back in 1978 . After reading the contents of this statement , the events of recent years will fall into place ,their plan is laid out for all to see . 

The threat of islamifacation isn,t one that we in Britain face alone . As you will see the muslim hordes will not rest until the whole of Europe is  dragged back into the dark ages  and subject to Islamic rule . Only then will islam and muslims be at peace .


Islamification of Britain: Muslims want “Own

January 22 2008



Muslims do not want to become British but rather want to create their own communities, new research has found.

This confirms what the British National Party has long warned against, namely that mass Third World immigration is not about creating a “diverse society” but about the colonisation of Britain.

According to the new study by the Equalities and Human Rights Commission poll, 67 percent of Muslims would not be happy for their child to marry someone of a different religion, and at least 44 percent believe they should be left to “develop along separate lines.”

The poll results, which have the liberal establishment all a-twitter at the “shock” of it all, merely confirm the announcement a year ago by the Rt Rev Michael Nazir-Ali, the Bishop of Rochester and the Church’s only Asian bishop, that “Islamic extremists have created no-go areas across Britain where it is too dangerous for non-Muslims to enter.”

Rev Ali warned that “people of a different race or faith face physical attack if they live or work in communities dominated by a strict Muslim ideology.”

In his response to the latest poll, Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, was quoted as saying: “I’m not surprised because there are already Muslim enclaves all over the country. They keep themselves to themselves anyway.”

Muslims already have a formal “Muslim Parliament of Great Britain” which, according to its website, is a “forum whose purpose is to debate, campaign and lobby on issues concerning the Muslim community in Britain.”

The Muslim parliament website says it campaigns “against the Anti-terrorism Acts,” the “underachievement of Muslim children in state schools” and supports the “Committee to Defend Asylum Seekers.”

The Muslims Parliament of Great Britain has been in existence since 1992, and arose out of the “frustration felt at the time of The Satanic Verses controversy as well as a wider feeling that governmental and policy-making bodies were adopting indifferent and at times discriminatory policies toward Muslim pre-occupations.

“The idea was instead to empower Muslims with their separate and distinctly Islamic institutions to meet their needs independently of the British government and local authorities.

“It also sought to discourage Muslims from entering mainstream politics or even from voting in elections; rather, the focus of debate was the need to create a ‘non-territorial Islamic state’ in Britain.”

As the numbers of Muslims in Britain increases, the country becomes more Islamic, not more British.
In 1990 there were about 400 mosques in the UK. Today there are at least 1,689 mosques — and this figure does not include many thousand more “Islamic Information Centres” which are nothing but mosques in disguise…………………..Read the full article about what the bishop as to say here

 Not only do we have muslim no go areas in many area,s  but Islamic/sharia law is been forced on the British people with out them even realising it . (Take a moment to watch the sharia law video on the right of this page )

Sharia Law in the


Now it’s Official


The alleged leading Christian in Britain, the Archbishop of Canterbury, told us that it was “unavoidable.” The Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips, thought it was a smashing idea. So with these pillars of the establishment lining up to extol the virtues of sharia Law in the UK, it was only a matter of time until it became an official part of the British way of life. And that time has now come. 

With barely a whisper, the government has sanctioned sharia judges to have the power to rule on such cases as financial disputes, divorce and even domestic violence.

Sharia courts that have been set up in London, Birmingham, Bradford, Manchester and Nuneaton can now enforce their rulings with the full power of the judicial system, through either the country courts or the High Court. Sharia courts in Britain had previously depended upon voluntary agreement between Muslims.

This latest encroachment of Islam into the British way of life is the result of a clause in the Arbitration Act of 1996 which the leader of the sharia courts, Sheikh Faiz-ul-Aqtab Siddiqi, has exploited: 

“We realised that under the Arbitration Act we can make rulings which can be enforced by county and high courts. The act allows disputes to be resolved using alternatives like tribunals. This method is called alternative dispute resolution, which for Muslims is what the sharia courts are.” 

Siddiqi went on to say, “All we are doing is regulating community affairs in these cases.” 

In what should be a worrying development for liberal feminists (but of course won’t be), the new sharia courts can also rule on such matters as divorce and even domestic violence. With women’s’ low status in Islam, there are real fears that judgements will be biased towards men. 

There is already evidence of this happening. In a recent inheritance case heard in the Nuneaton court, the ruling on the estate of a Muslim in the Midlands gave the two sons twice as much as the three daughters. Under British law, the daughters would have received equal payment. 

And in a sinister development, there are fears that Muslim women are being frightened into silence over domestic violence cases. Of the six cases the courts have handled, all the husbands were simply ordered to take anger management training and advice from “community elders” and in every case, the women withdrew their accusations of violence they had lodged with the police, forcing the investigations into the cases to be halted. 

Despite outrage from indigenous Britons that Islam was setting up a parallel legal system in Britain, flying in the face of the absolute nature of British law, the Muslim Council of Britain, the much publicised “moderate” face of British Islam, fully supported this significant milestone in British history. Inyat Bunglawala, assistant secretary-general of the groups said that “the MCB supports these tribunals.” 

As, it would seem, do many of Britain’s Muslims in general. A recent study carried out by the Centre for Social Cohesion revealed that 40% of British Muslims were in favour of the introduction of sharia law into Britain while 33% of them wanted to go a step further and create a sharia law for the world a global ummah

Every day high street names are slowly giving in to muslim presure and forcing sharia law on unwitting customers ,the sandwich group subway already as numerous halal stores throughout the uk and as plans to open over 100 more. There are a rising number of schools throughout the UK serving halal only school meals .We suggest you check with your childs school to be sure . If you find your school is forcing halal on your children contact Salford BNP and we will help you to get a fair deal for your children .


School rethinks halal menu plan                                  20om02a_v03_jpg_display1



AN Oxford primary school has rethought a plan to serve only halal meat.

Rose Hill Primary School used halal meat, which is slaughtered under Muslim religious law, in several dishes last year and in all meat dishes for a month-long trial last month.

It was the first school in the county to ask school meals provider Food with Thought to provide a purely halal menu.

The school has now decided to offer youngsters a choice of normal meat, a halal option or a vegetarian dish, and will use a wristband system to make sure pupils get the correct meal.

Lyndsy Johnson, 35, of Radford Close, said: “We’re glad now that we have got the three options. That is how it should have been to start off with.

“It was a very big issue. Everyone was talking about it on the estate. We have definitely got parent power.”

Parents only found out about the menu change on the last day of winter term – after halal meat had begun to be served.

Some parents were opposed to their children eating halal food, because they felt the animals were slaughtered in a cruel way. They said they should have been consulted about the changes.

Within days parents raised a petition with 220 signatures, calling for three choices for school meals – meat, halal meat and vegetarian – and met headteacher Sue Mortimer and school governors to discuss their concerns.

On February 8, Mrs Mortimer sent home a letter which read: “Whilst the trial was on I continued to have discussions with Food with Thought and am now able to confirm the school could have three choices at lunchtime.”

The new menus will begin on Monday, with children at the school in The Oval choosing meals at morning registration.

They will be given coloured wristbands to show dinner ladies their choice for the day, with a red wristband for meat, blue for halal meat and green for vegetarian.

Mrs Mortimer had told parents the school introduced halal meat as part of its inclusion policy.

She said because halal meat was not forbidden by any religion or culture it would allow every pupil to choose a meat dish for lunch.

She refused to comment on the new system.

A spokesman for Oxfordshire County Council said the school had bought new equipment to ensure halal meat and non-halal meat was kept separate during preparation.

The foundations of our culture and hereitiege are under constant attack , traditions we have celebrated for over 500 yrs change beyond recognication . How many times must we here that christmas offends muslims , only to have our multicutural overlords in the council change it to wintervile or simply festive break  ,navity plays cancelled because they clash with a muslim festival

By Chris Johnson
Last updated at 1:13 AM on 04th December 2008


A primary school infuriated parents after cancelling the traditional Christmas nativity play to make way for the Muslim festival of Eid.

Parents at the Nottingham school were told that the planned performance had to be pulled because some of the pupils wanted to celebrate Eid at home with their families.

In a letter, sent by the staff at Greenwood Junior School, mothers and fathers were told: ‘It is with much regret that we have had to cancel this year’s Christmas performances.

NativityThe traditional nativity play was cancelled at a primary school in Nottingham and rescheduled for the New Year after parents were told it would interfere with the Muslim festival of Eid (File picture) ‘This is due to the Eid celebrations that take place next week and its effect on our performers.’

However, following a barrage of complaints, a second letter was issued saying the show had ‘not been cancelled outright’ but has been postponed until the New Year.

The follow-up letter, sent by headteacher Amber Latif and chair of governors Yvonne Wright, apologised for the ‘misunderstanding’ caused by the first correspondence.

It read: ‘We are a very inclusive school and fully respect the cultures and religions of all the children.

‘We are upset to know that some of our parents/carers have been offended by the letter.

‘The Christmas performance has not been cancelled outright but has been postponed until the New Year.’

 As the tide of islamifacation grows stronger so does its  hostility to our way of life and laws become more apparent and no more so than the recent riots showed in london . When muslims in their tens of thousands turned our capital any many other cities into scences more suited to the middle east . Is this what the future holds for  Britain with the failure of the multicultural experiment ,only to be relaced  with the repressive totalitain Isalmifacation of Britain .



Everyone should visit this site to realise just how real the threat is  Just 1 article taken from the site

“O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that ye may know each other (not that ye may despise (each other)

Racially motivated crime in the UK has undoubtedly soared. However, racism is not just isolated to physical attacks asmany of us know. Here in the so-called land of civilisation, racism is experienced by many. Racism in the form of employment prospects and within the workplace, something that most of us students will no doubt experience in one form or another when we leave the cushioned life of university. Racism even occurs within our social relationships since many of us are restricted in whom we can marry due to the colour of our skin. Racism is not just a black thing or brown thing but something that affects us all regardless of our colour. Yes, even white people can be the victims of racism


The True Cause    When we go to the roots of the racism problem we see that racism emanates from the concept of a nation state (e.g. Britain). Each nation has a certain stereotype or definition of what the citizens of that state should look like. A good example of this is the US where the stereotype of an American citizen is a W.A.S.P. i.e a White Anglo Saxon Person. People may argue that if you are born there then you are American regardless of whether you are black, brown or white.However in reality, every nation state defines certain citizens as from that nation and others as not from that nation. This is the real cause of racism. For example, in this country people carry an ideal of what being British really is, whether it is publicly through groups such as the BNP or privately as many individuals do today.Those who do not fit into this ideal of the true British citizen will always be treated differently and be seen as foreigners regardless of whether they were born here or not.

Positive Racism?      nearly all application forms for jobs we now have to state our ethnic background even if we were born here. If there was no differentiation in citizenship there would be no need for this. Many employees state that the reason they ask for a persons’ nationality on job applications is so that they can make sure that they employ people from all backgrounds in their company. However, this too can be seen as a form of racism though many say that it is positive racism, yet to make race an issue at all can cause problems. If employees concentrated solely on peoples’ qualifications then racism in jobs would not occur at all whether it is negative or positive.

A Solution     Islam solves the problem of racism from the basis since Islam has no concept of a nation state. Islam is not a religion but a way of life that is not specific to any one culture or race. In addition it allows people of all other faiths to live under its system and practice their beliefs, as history testifies. Islam sees all land as Gods’ land and it does not allow any group of individuals from a certain region to see themselves as superior to any other group of individuals from other regions on the basis of race or nationality. As a result of this we see that when the Islamic State was ruling (Note there is no Islamic State today) it spread rapidly and included races ranging from Africans to Bosnians to Arabs.As for those people that say that Islam was spread by the sword, we can see that in history that during the time of the crusades the Christian crusaders did not only have to fight the Muslims but also those Christians who lived under the Islamic State and chose to help defend it.

Conclusion Finally, as for those religions that claim to offer the same solution to racism as Islam one only has to compare the races present in their places of worship to the various mosques in and around the UK to see where true equality, and brotherhood lies. Only Islam offers a complete way of life which can be proved to definitely come from the Creator. A way of life that has no concept of race or nationality. It is the one system that all of mankind can live under without the racial tension we see today



A World Wide Problem  Racism is a universal problem which many of the institutions in this country and across the world have failed to solve. Instead race relations organisations try and create a false sense of security amongst ethnic minorities by settling individual cases and not reaching the root of the problem. This is fruitless since it is like trying to bring back to life a dead tree by gluing fresh leaves to the dead branches. The only way to bring a dead tree back to life is to look at the roots and find out what the problem is and solve it from the basis of the problem.






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